CRIOBE holding a documentary for shark research in French Polynesia

In December, I was involved in a documentary about sharks and shark research in French Polynesia. A crew including famous Christian PETRON and 2 champion free-divers Fred BUYLE and William WINRAM came in Moorea to film and tag lemon sharks and blacktip reef sharks. For more info, have a look at there link:

We thus made good images of reef sharks in order to change the usual bad view people have about them and we succeeded in tagging lemon sharks.

After few weeks in Moorea, we left to Rangiroa as part as another projet, to film and tag a Great Hammerhead shark with a satellite tag. Previous acoustic tagging have shown that this sharks stay in Rangiroa from December until February and leave the area afterward. Satellite tag will let us know where they are going after February.

This was a great experience and I hope the documentary will help to better conserve sharks.

For more info about the 2 amazing free-divers that are doing a great work to change people’s mind about sharks, have a look at their web-pages:


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