Shark research project in Tetiaroa 2014


In July and August 2014, I had the opportunity to come back to the atoll of Tetiaroa to conduct a small shark research project in collaboration with Aaron Wirsing of the University of Washington and Jeremy Kiszka of Florida International University, thanks to the funding and facilities of the Tetiaroa Society. We started a set of surveys to characterize two well-known nurseries of sicklefin lemon sharks and blacktip reef sharks that I previously surveyed from 2008 (see Mourier & Planes 2013; Mourier et al. 2013).


In order to characterize nursery habitats as well as prey assemblages and juvenile shark fine-scale spatial use and abundance, we used a combination of drone surveys and underwater stationary cameras deployed along these two hoas.


Above: drone surveys over the nurseries (left) and juvenile lemon shark sighted from the drone (right)


Above: Underwater stationary camera (left) filming a juvenile blacktip reef shark pattrolling within the nursery (right).


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