GOMBESSA 2 “Le mystère Mérou”: a ARTE documentary of our scientific expedition

Check this official treaser from ARTE documentary (90 min) to be screened in July 11th.

This documentary (Produced by Gil Kébaili) was made last year in a channel of an Atoll of French Polynesia during a scientific expedition to study the spawning aggregation of camouflage groupers and its interaction with a huge (>700) aggregation of grey reef sharks.

During the film, Laurent Ballesta did a 24h dive at 20m depth possible with a new and original gaz mix, spending a complete day underwater with sharks and groupers.

This expedition (collaboration between Andromède Oceanologie and CRIOBE and sponsored by BLANPAIN and ARTE) not only resulted in an incredible documentary but also in real important scientific data about the mechanisms governing spawning aggregations of fish as well as long-term aggregation of sharks. I am currently analysing the data and hopefull the results will come soon…

You can also watch it in Full HD on the sponsor BlancPain website: HERE

requin gris - requin dagsit - requin gris de recif - grey reef shark - carcharhinus amblyrhynchos - vincent truchet - 6

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