Movement of Caribbean reef fish

Garcia J, Mourier J, Lenfant, P (2015) Spatial behavior of two coral reef fishes within a Caribbean Marine Protected Area. Marine Environmental Research. Link to paper.

New paper on a collaboration with Jessica Garcia on movement patterns of two species of Caribbean reef fish within a Marine Protected Area in Martinique. In this region, only few data on movements are available on these species. Following Jessica’s first paper (Garcia et al. 2014) on the movement of fish in and out of the MPA, this new paper profides finer-scale movement data to better understand habitat use and spatial dynamic of these species with different trophic positions inside the MPA.


Figure 1: Description of the study location and receiver array.


Figure 2: Daily detections of Lutjanus apodus


Figure 3: Daily detections of Sparisoma viride

Both species differ in their activity within the area with L. apodus being more present along the reef at night while S. viride shows a peak of presence at sunrise and sunset. Habitat use of L. apodus is mostly restricted to reefs while S. viride occasionally use silt habitats (Figure4).


Figure 4: Probabilities of presence of both species in the study area. Left: Lutjanus apodus. Right: Sparisoma viride. Top panel: time of day. Bottom panel: habitats.

They also show different spatial dynamics (Figure 5).


Figure 5:Spatial network of movements including transition probabilities between receivers.

These results demonstrate the importance of including multiple species when considering movement patterns and habitat use of fish in MPA design.


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