Which fish can you find in Marquesas Islands? Here is an updated checklist showing 13.7% of endemism!


Expedition Pakaihi I Te Moana was conducted in 2011 to the Marquesas Islands, lying between 07°50ʹ S and 10°35ʹ S latitude and 138°25ʹ W and 140°50ʹ W longitude. The team made a long trip at sea on ship Braveheart and visited almost all islands of the Marquesas, including a sandbank and some seamonts.


The expedition combined extensive collections and visual censuses of the shore fish fauna.

A total of 74 species are added as new records for the Marquesas Islands; the coastal fish fauna of the Marquesas Islands is increased from 415 to 495 species and the number of endemic species is increased from 48 to 68 species.

This increases the percentage of species-level endemism for the Marquesas Islands to 13.7%, ranking as the third highest region of endemism for coral reef fishes in the Indo-Pacific. Only two other peripheral regions, the Hawai’ian Islands and Easter Island, have higher values.

CQay2lAWcAA47Hb.png large

The list also includes elasmobranchs (sharks and rays) including teh 2 species of Manta rays previously described in this paper Mourier 2012.

vyvyi copie

The paper is open access:

Delrieu-Trottin E, Williams JT, Bacchet P, Kulbicki M, Mourier J, Galzin R, Lison de Loma T, Mou-Tham G, Siu G, Planes S (2015) Shore fishes of the Marquesas Islands, an updated checklist with new records and new percentage of endemic species. CheckList 11(5): 1758 PDF icon


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