In collaboration with Suzanne Mills (EPHE), I will investigate shark hormones. Our preliminary aims are the following:

1)investigating if steroid hormones (testosterone and/or 11 keto-testosterone and corticosterone) were correlated with male reproductive success,

2)comparing stress hormones levels (corticosterone) and steroid hormones (T) between individuals found in the shark feeding sites with those in the non-shark feeding sites and potential effects on reproduction,

3)comparing growth hormones of sharks between these two sites to see if feeding affects fat deposition and,

4)monitoring an individual’s hormone level throughout the year, this would demonstrate its hormone profile over the year for each sex within both feeding sites.

Loads of blood are taken from the caudal venipuncture of sharks.


I work in collaboration with PhD student Thomas Vignaud from CRIOBE in order to investigate genetic population structure of Blacktip reef sharks in overall French Polynesia, as well as at the Indo-Pacific scale. This project investigates patterns of connectivity of this shark species in a fragmented environment.




I started a collaboration with Jeremy KISZKA and Mike HEITHAUS from the Florida Intyernational University to investigate the trophic level of blacktip reef sharks as well as the individual variation in relation to the size and range of sharks, but also to investigate the potential impact of shark-feeding activities on the ecology of sharks. This new study will improve our knowledge of this population and this animal.

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